Day 01 – Tue 04 Oct 2011 – Sydney to London

Like last time, I only just caught the local bus (Veolia 903) at 1115 from Lakeside Shops, Chipping Norton to Liverpool. After a 10 minute wait I boarded a Cityrail South Line service to Glenfield to connect with the Airport Line service to the International Terminal.

Glenfield Cityrail station – still looking a bit daggy with construction in progress for a new concourse and fourth platform for its junction role in the new SW Rail Link Project (Photo: Wykymania)

Caught the flight with no problems and was delighted to find that the two people sharing my row in the Premium Economy section are probably the two nicest travel companions you’re ever likely to encounter. One was a very affable and intelligent woman and the other a guy who was into transport planning (also one of my interests) from Melbourne. Both had just the right amount of freindliness, delighted in intelligent chat and were never even remotely pesky.

Hong Kong’s awesome and efficient offshore airport (Photo: Wylkie Chan)

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