Day 01 – Mon 04 Oct 2010 – The London Commute

This trip is becoming so familiar it’s almost a commute.

Just managed to catch the 11:35 Veolia 903 to Liverpool. It’s a public holiday here (October long weekend), so missing the bus means a two hour wait for the next (well, actually a cab ride to the airport instead). Arrived Liverpool at 1149, bought a ticket and got down the stairs just in time for the 1152 to Glenfield.

Liverpool’s rather well designed transport interchange concourse – taxi ranks off to the right, bus terminal behind and left, trains behind and right  (Photo: J Bar)

Glenfield station (the junction with the Airport Line, two stops away to the south) is a bit of a shambles at the moment due to the SW Rail Link project work in progress. About a 10-15 wait for the Airport train. Arrived at the Sydney International Terminal about 30 minutes later, changed some money and booked in my large bag.

The Cityrail Station under the International Terminal (Photo: Tristan Morgan)

I’m catching the Virgin Atlantic flight at 1525 in Premium Economy seat 23D (aisle, centre). Had a spare seat next to me to Hong Kong. We arrived a bit early for a 90 minute layover, then off again with a full load to London Heathrow.

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