Day 19 – Sat 24 Apr 2010 – The Essence of Koln

Today is explore Koln (Cologne) day. Apart from around the city, I got to see a Schutzenfest (shooting festival) parade and visit the amazing Romanisches Museum, which is next to the cathedral.

First stop is Koln Dom (cathedral), which soars to dizzying heights.

Check the height of the spires against the people in the foreground

A close up of the top of the spire with its service ladders

One of the tips of the spires displayed at ground level

Inside the cathedral with its soaring ceilings

The Romanisches Museum was outstanding. I’ll let the photos say it all, but the ‘modernity’ and good condition of a lot of the ancient items is surprising. The wagon is a replica.

Roman floor frescoes

A Roman physicians kit of medical tools with its storage/carrying box

Various personal adornments

Exquisite Roman glassware and porcelein

Crowds at the station square enjoying the good weekend weather

Kids on skateboards opposite the cathedral – couldn’t catch one in ‘mid-flight’

Some dude scribbling on the cathedral square

Crowds out socialising down by the river

The Schutzenfest (shooting festival) band – These guys were really good.

The Schutzenfest parade involved hundreds of people and was an equivalent of a Sydney march from say St James down to Circular Quay on a saturday afternoon  – yet all organised and controlled by just these three police officers; one at the front, one at the back, and one going out ahead to close each intersection.

The Koln rail bridge – note the walkway on this side

Thousands of locks adorn the bridge walkway fence

The locks are marked with the names of couples – Apparently when you take up with someone you place a lock (and presumably remove it when you break up)

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