Day 21 – Mon 26 Apr 2010 – German Wings to Duxford

Farewell to Germany. I hadn’t booked my flight out of Germany in advance and the run on flights during the Icelandic volcano had me a bit concerned for a while. However, I was able to get quite a cheap early morning flight from Koln to London-Stanstead, which had the added benefit of being quite close to Duxford, an old RAF aerodrome where the Imperial War Museum has its aviation displays. The flight was on German Wings, whom I found excellent.

A German Wings (a discount offshoot of Lufthansa) A319 – (Photo: Juergen L)

London-Stanstead Airport – London’s #3 airport – (Photo: skistar)

I got a hire car for the day from the airport, drove to Cambridge (which after my previous visit to Oxford was quite ‘ordinary’) then on to Duxford. I won’t go into big detail about the displays at Duxford except to say they are excellent. The pictures speak for themselves. Aviation buffs won’t need an explanations, and they would be boring to people who are not interested in the subject.

Displays also include military vehicles and equipment

After numerous hours at Duxford, I returned the hire car to Stanstead Airport and caught the train into London for my last night in Europe.

The train to London (Photo: Public Domain)

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