Oz – Various

These pages include short descriptions of minor trips conducted within Australia. Some are country or interstate trips associated with work or visiting relatives. Others are places within an hour of two of where I live, or even right outside my own front door.

I’m based in Sydney, a city with some outstanding and renowned tourist areas. However, there is much, much more to it, and I hope to include some of the more out-of-the-way places in the Sydney area that are nowhere near as well known.

A small sample is shown below. Click on the photo captions for links, where applicable.

By bike around Perth, in (south west corner of) Western Australia

The Tamar Valley in (northern) Tasmania

The (German settled) village of Hahndorf in South Australia, near Adelaide

Hunter Valley vineyards scene, about 2 hours drive north of Sydney

A bike ride around the lakes at Chipping Norton on the Georges River. Even the rivers in Sydney have beaches! This is just two minutes walk from where I live.

Sydney has hundreds of pretty local walks / rides tucked among its 600+ suburbs – this one is along the Cooks River through Marrickville near Sydney Airport.

The Spit Bridge to Manly – The best Sydney Harbour National Park bush walk?

The Australian Botanical Gardens at Mt Annan (on Sydney’s outer south west)


Copyright © – Phil Robeson 2012. You can copy any of my own stuff for non-commercial purposes as long as you attribute it to me and don’t make it look as if I endorse whatever it is you’re doing. (Note: Any non-original photos will have the author’s name under them and come from en-wikipedia unless I’ve stated otherwise.) For anything else, ask me.

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