Day 01 – Tue 06 Apr 2010 – Off to Heathrow

Caught the local Veolia 903 bus at 1020, arriving at Liverpool Cityrail Station at 1036. Bought a ticket, walked downstairs and stepped straight onto a train to Campbeltown as it arrived. A quick ride to Glenfield two stops away, then about a 15 minute wait for a connecting airport line train. Got out at the International Terminal and walked to the Virgin Atlantic counter. No delay, booked in a large bag, exchange some cash for £25 UK and had a cookie and latte. Waited for boarding at about 1345.

Waiting to board the Virgin Atlantic A340-600 at Sydney International Terminal

On this trip it’s the purple leather seats of Premium Economy both ways. A long flight but uneventful. Similar meals to last time, but no ice creams. Arrived Hong Kong 35 minutes early (due to a tailwind) in spite of diversion around and between areas of turbulence. Talked a bit to two older ladies sharing adjacent seats. Both are English returning for a trip after several years of living in Australia. Quite pleasant, but the furthest one away is a bit racist in a vaguely pompous British sort of way.

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