Apr 2011 – Launceston and the Tamar Valley – Tasmania

The City of Launceston (pronounced Lon-sess-ton) and the Tamar Valley (pronounced Tay-mar) are in the north of the Australian state of Tasmania. Launceston is large enough to have a ‘city’ rather than a ‘town’ feel to it. The Tamar Valley is a landscape painter’s dream, a rich agricultural area famous for wines and dairy products (including some particularly fine yoghurt). Tasmania was the second British penal colony founded in Australia after New South Wales (at Sydney). Launceston was established in 1806.

Here are a few shots within Launceston itself

Hilly suburbs just south of the CBD

‘Lonny’ has some startlingly beautiful parks

The Albert Hall in ‘Lonny’

Moving now to the Tamar Valley to the north of Launceston.

Immediately to the west of Launceston is Cataract Gorge

The road bridge at the mouth of the gorge. Walking tracks run back up along each side of the gorge, which is predominantly natural bushland.

Well up the gorge is a pedestrian bridge connecting the tracks on each side

Looking back to the mouth of the gorge from one of the tracks

Walkers heading back along the track on the northern side of the gorge

To the south of Launceston along the highway, just past the airport, is the cute and historic village of Evandale. The Clarendon was once one of Chopper Reid’s watering holes.

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