Day 20 – Sun 26 Apr 2010 – Back along the Rhein

Today is my last full day in Germany. Koln is at the other end of the scenic bit of the Rhein from where I started, and the weather now is much clearer. I decided to redo some of the earlier train trips from the opposite direction.

A view from the train on the way past Bonn – note the bike sheds crammed with bikes. Most railways stations have as many, if not more. 

Back along the Rhein as the hills and castles along the river come into view

History buffs will be familiar with the famous (former) bridge at Remagen 

Views from the train along the Rhein

The nicely appointed Regional Bahn carriages – Earlier in the trip there were lots of passengers, most seeming to be athletes on the way to a race/triathlon??

For the record, I was a bit early in the season to go on a Rhein cruise, but I would throughly recommend seeing the river by boat to anyone.

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