Day 22 – Tue 27 Apr 2010 – The Victoria and Albert

My final day was spent at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, which I had missed on my previous visit in 2005, plus a quick re-visit to the British Museum.

The Victoria and Albert is magnificant. It contains an almost outrageous cross-section of precious crafted objects of every description. No short series of photos could do justice to it, so what follows is merely an inadequate sample.

Have to explain this one: It’s Dame Edna Everige’s Sydney Opera House hat.

At this point I think we’re switching to the British Museum

From here it was back to the hotel to pick up my bag and off on the tube to London Heathrow. The usual wait at the airport, then the long flight in premium economy back to Sydney via Hong Kong.

On my trip in 2005 I had quite a few tummy problems. This time everything was pretty much fine. I did the fasting before the flight that worked so well last time, but the major difference is that I’m probably fitter (certainly lighter) than I was in 2005. And I would also have a quite different view of Australia on my return.

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