Day 08 – Tue 13 Apr 2010 – Exploring more of Munich

Today’s main trip is to the Bayerisches Museum. Went on the U-Bahn to a nearby underground station but got disoriented as I walked up to the surface and went 180 degrees the wrong way down the right street.

The interior of a Munich U-Bahn train carriage (Photo: Florian Schutz)

After a while I’m standing on the footpath looking at my map with a puzzled expression when a rather well-dressed guy passing by asked where I was wanting to go. Turned out he works in a senior role at the bank headquarters nearby and that the museum was in the direction he was going. Had a brief but very interesting discussion with him. He knows Australian banks very well and poured huge praise on the success of Australia in dealing with the global financial crisis. Said that he and his wife were planning to go to Australia one day and asked lots of questions about travel within it, etc.

The Bayerisches Museum – sadly it was closed when I was visiting Munich

After all that I found the Bayerische Museum  was actually closed, but I found my way around to the Archäologische Staatssammlung (Bavaria State Archaeological Collection)  which was open and very interesting. Full of genuine artifacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Roman and mediaeval period. A vast array of stuff, some very well made and easily identifiable as equivalent of modern tools and accessories. Things like combs, hairpins, clasps etc. A vast amount of pottery and a full-scale mockup of a recovered Roman room complete with numerous frescoes.

In the Englischer Garden

Afterwards explored the vast Englischer Garden (English garden). I find most European parks are actually somewhat poorer than those in Australia, but this one is very good.

More of the exquisite Englischer Garden

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